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May 2018

Best Sellers

Secret Breakfast

Our signature flavor and most popular! Bourbon ice cream with cornflakes. Yes, bourbon.

Honey Graham

Raw Blackberry Honey ice cream with house-made graham cracker cookies folded in.

French Vanilla

Classic Vanilla ice cream.

Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee

Our version of a traditional Vietnamese Coffee. A complex blend of rich coffee, chicory root and condensed milk. On the menu since day one.

Malted Milk Chocolate

Like a milk shake on a cone! We combine 72% dark and 38% milk chocolate with a punch of malt that takes this to the next level.

Peanut Butter Fudge Ripple

Peanut butter ice cream swirled with house-made fudge! Peanut butter fans can’t get enough.

Cinnamon Tres Leches

Cinnamon ice cream with pieces of yellow cake. Spice up you ____life.

POG Sorbet

Passionfruit, orange and guava sorbet. It’s like a tropical vacation in a scoop!

Flavors – All Shops

Available This Month.

Here’s Your Damn Strawberry

You asked for it, now Here’s your Damn Strawberry ice cream! Made with fresh strawberries and a hint of vinegar.


Lemoncello Sorbet combined with fennel biscotti cookies and vanilla ice cream.

Apricot Crisp

Apricot ice cream swirled with buttery crisp cookies.

McEvoy Olive Oil & Rhubarb

Our partnership flavor with Imperfect Produce, McEvoy olive oil ice cream with a swirl of rhubarb jam!