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September 2016

Best Sellers

Available Year Round.

Secret Breakfast

Our signature flavor and most popular! Bourbon ice cream with cornflakes. Yes, bourbon.

Tahitian V*n!ll@

Who are you callin’ Vanilla? Intense and fragrant, we use a ridiculous amount of Tahitian Vanilla with a touch of malt.

Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee

Our version of a traditional Vietnamese Coffee. A complex blend of rich coffee, chicory root and condensed milk. On the menu since day one.

Malted Milk Chocolate

Like a milk shake on a cone! We combine 72% dark and 38% milk chocolate with a punch of malt that takes this to the next level.

Peanut Butter Fudge Ripple

We spin our peanut butter ice cream and then add fudge until it’s swirled through the entire batch! Peanut butter fans can’t get enough.

Honey Graham

Daddy says take a time out. Blackberry Honey ice cream with housemade graham cracker.

Seasonal Favorites

Available This Month.

Caramel Apple

Caramel ice cream mixed with Gravenstein apples. Ridiculous amounts of fresh apples and ribbons of housemade caramel.

Pumpkin Nut

Basics rejoice. Pumpkin Nut ice cream with housemade hazelnut biscotti.

Salted Licorice

Back in black. Salted black licorice root candy ice cream.

Chef’s Choice

For a Limited Time Only.

Carrot Mango Sorbet

Fresh carrot juice and mango puree sorbet. Lick your veggies.

Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip

A whole lot of Philadelphia cream cheese with 72% Guittard chocolate chips. Grab a spoon, put on your stretchy pants & eat your feelings.

Sugar Daddy

Caramelized sweetened condensed milk, coarse salt, and Madagascar bourbon vanilla. Your favorite glittery rock star ice cream.