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April 2019

Best Sellers

Secret Breakfast

Our signature flavor and most popular! Bourbon ice cream with cornflakes. Yes, bourbon.

French Vanilla

Classic Vanilla ice cream.

Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee

Our version of a traditional Vietnamese Coffee. A complex blend of rich coffee, chicory root and condensed milk. On the menu since day one.

Harvey Milk & Honey Graham

Raw blackberry honey ice cream with housemade graham crackers.

Malted Milk Chocolate

Guittard chocolate and malt powder make this a milkshake on a spoon.

Candy Cap with Chocolate Chips

Mushroom ice cream that tastes like maple!

Flavors – All Shops

Chocolate Violet

Milk chocolate ice cream with violet liquor and chocolate cookies. Partnership with SHN’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

POG Sorbet (Vegan)

Passion fruit, orange, and guava sorbet. A vacation in a cup.

Chocolate Coconut (Vegan)

Coconut ice cream with chocolate chips.

Yuzu Cream

Japanese citrus (Yuzu), lemon, and lime zest in sweet cream.

Pimms Strawberry & Cream

Pimms, strawberry, and cream.

Surfer’s Breakfast

Buttermilk ice cream with black sesame granola and jam. Partnership with The Rose Venice.

Monthly Specials

Willy Wonka Sundae

Two scoops of Chocolate Violet topped with hot fudge and whipped cream.

420 Sundae

Two scoops of French Vanilla topped with chocolate-covered potato chips, pretzels, and hot fudge.