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Come closer… don’t be shy

Carrot Mango Sorbet

Elvis (the Fat Years)

Cinnamon Brittle

Hibiscus Beet Sorbet

Here’s Your Damn Strawberry

Tahitian V*n!ll@

Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee

McEvoy Olive Oil

Secret Breakfast


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About Sean and Jake

We opened our first shop in December 2008, since then everyone loves to ask “Which one of you is Humphry and which one is Slocombe?” The answer is neither of us. Inspired by our love of British comedy, Humphry Slocombe is named after the two lead characters (Mr. Humphries and Mrs. Slocombe) from the fabulous 1970’s sitcom “Are You Being Served?” We keep the official “Are You Being Served” book in our Mission Shop to show anyone who’s never heard of the show…just ask!

Another question we often hear is “why all the unusual flavors?” We don’t really think of our flavors as that unusual and that’s why we let you sample everything we have. Everything.

Welcome to our bizarre, delicious, frozen universe.


Jake Godby & Sean Vahey