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7×7 Magazine

“Brown Butter Ice Cream at Humphry Slocombe”

“The Big Eat 2017”

Time Out

“Humphry Slocombe caters to a decidedly grown-up crowd of ice cream aficionados, with intriguing sweet-savory flavor combos that occasionally sound dubious… but always taste delicious.”

“The 20 Best Ice Cream Sundaes in America”

Trip Expert

“With accolades from sources such as Lonely Planet, San Francisco Chronicle and Gayot, Humphry Slocombe is currently one of the top ranking restaurants in San Francisco on”

“2017 Expert Choice Awards”

Food Network

“San Francisco’s Humphry Slocombe blazes a trail with unique flavors, and customers can’t get enough of Secret Breakfast.”

“Top 5 Ice Cream in America”

Refinery 29

“Are out-of-the-box flavors your cup of tea? Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream has got you covered. Why order plain vanilla when you can get the likes of Secret Breakfast or XXX Chocolate? These are flavors that will stick with you for a while.”

“Most Instagrammed Ice Cream Photos in SF”

Bon Appètit

“It’s clear within moments of meeting Humphry Slocombe’s Jake Godby and Sean Vahey that they were destined to go into business together.”

“Ice Cream for Adults by Adults”


“You scream, I scream, we all scream for Secret Breakfast Ice Cream? Strawberry Balsamic?”

“We All Scream For Ice Cream”

7×7 Magazine

“We talked to the sweet treat-pushing duo about their favorite junk foods, future plans, lazy Sundays, and more.”

“We Wanna Be Friends With the Humphry Slocombe Boys”

SF Chronicle

“The Yard at Mission Rock, the new pop-up village development next to AT&T Park — and the latest and most corporate example of using shipping containers to create bustling public spaces.”

“What To Eat & Drink at The Yard”

7×7 Magazine

““22. Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream. Humphry Slocombe (Embarcadero)”

“The Big Sweet 2014”

Edible Eats

“Because desserts can be punk rock too. When Humphry Slocombe opened, it made a sizable splash in San Francisco’s saturated ice cream scene with favorite flavors like the whiskey-spiked Secret…”

“Best Ice Cream in San Francisco”


“Choosing “the best” is almost impossible, but Humphry Slocombe is the ultimate mix of gourmet, experimental, wacky (think the Jesus Juice red-wine-and-cola flavor) and downright delicious.”

“10 Dishes You Must Eat to Call Yourself a San Franciscan”

Virgin America

“Accompanying our signature #ButterByMoodlight flavor is one of Humphry Slocombe’s latest creations, Chocolate Gold Rush, a dark chocolate ice cream with chunks of bittersweet chocolate covered cones.”


7×7 Magazine

“It’s a rich and winning version of traditional coffee ice cream, not overtly sweet though. It contains sweetened condensed milk like traditional Vietnamese coffee, and it’s made with Blue Bottle’s Giant Steps blend as well as a touch of chicory.”

“The Five Most San Francisco Flavors”


“For Humphry Slocombe’s Jake Godby, the avant-garde ice cream parlor was a perfect fit with the always surprising Cirque du Soleil.”

“Humphry Slocombe Creates First Cirque Du Soleil Ice Cream”

Eater SF

“Jake Godby’s inventive flavors, like hibiscus beet and peanut butter curry, stand out. The Secret Breakfast (bourbon and caramelized cornflakes) is always on the menu and a must-order for first-timers.”

“The 38 Essential San Francisco Restaurants”

7×7 Magazine

“Hero to those who prefer their humor deadpan, their tweets dirty, and their breakfast boozy, Jake Godby is the culinary half of the duo behind San Francisco’s idiosyncratic—and, five years in—now iconic Humphry Slocombe ice cream shop.”

“15 Minutes with Humprhy Slocombe’s Jake Godby”

Refinery 29

“If you like your ice cream with a side of humor (or booze), then Humphry Slocombe is probably already your fave parlor in town.”

“Best Bay Area Cook Books to Buy Now”


“Accompanying our signature #ButterByMoodlight flavor is one of Humphry Slocombe’s latest creations, Chocolate Gold Rush, a dark chocolate ice cream with chunks of bittersweet chocolate covered cones.”

“America’s Best Ice Creameries”


“We shook up 7×7’s Big Eat tradition this year by adding 80 new dishes to the 2013 list. Some are fresh dishes from old haunts, while others are shining stars by industry newcomers.”

“The Big Eat 2013”


“One of the ten ice cream shops you need to visit”

“10 ice cream shops you need to visit”

GQ August Issue, 2012

L.A. Weekly

“Cookbook of the week: Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream Book in not your mother’s (damn) ice cream book”

“One of the best cookbooks we’ve seen in years”

Oprah – July Issue

“San Francisco ice creamery Humphry Slocombe is known for bold flavors like cayenne cantaloupe, but even its strawberry ice cream has some genius touches.”

Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream Book

SF Weekly

“Best Dessert –
Tie: Mitchell’s Ice Cream, Humphry Slocombe”

“Best Dessert 2012” – Readers Poll”

Huffington Post

“On April 25, Humphry Slocombe owners Sean Vahey and Jake Godby, together with writer Paolo Lucchesi, will release the “Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream Book”, a cookbook loaded with 40 of the shop’s secret recipes.”

“Humphry Slocombe Book Preview”

Intuit Magazine

“Sure, purists can find mainstays like chocolate and mint chip on the menu at Humphry Slocombe in San Francisco, but the shop caters to more adventurous palates,”

“Twitter is The Cherry on Top of The Ice Cream”

Wired Magazine

“THE COOLEST SECRET in modern dessert sits behind a glass-topped display case in San Francisco, packed into a large cylindrical container next to Jesus Juice Sorbet or maybe Thai Chili Lime, depending on the day.”

“Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream Book”

SF Chronicle

“A taco from La Taqueria in the Mission, followed by dessert at the nearby Humphry Slocombe, the ice cream parlor famous for blurring the sweet-savory line.”

“Ferran Ardia visits Humphry Slocombe”

SF Weekly

“Best Food Vendor: Humphry Slocombe – Twitter Award”

“Best Food Vendor Twitter Award”

SF Weekly, 2011


“We think it’s the best ice cream in America!”

“Best Ice Cream in America”

Localicious, 2011


“Humphry Slocombe is hands down the most interesting ice cream shop in San Francisco and arguably in the entire country, given how much national press he’s gotten.”

“#1 Ice Cream in San Francisco”

SF Weekly

“Best Ice Cream in San Francisco – Humphry Slocombe – Reader’s Poll, 2011”

“Best Ice Cream in San Francisco” Reader’s Poll”

SF Weekly, 2011


喉が不思議と乾かない。 オーガニックな材料を使っているだけあって

VOGUE Japan, YUKO blog

SF Weekly

“Meet at Dynamo and order your doughnuts to go, then walk with your date to Humphry Slocombe for a scoop. You will have just shown your date two of San Francisco’s sweetest treats, proving yourself a genius matchmaker.”

”10 Best First Date Spots in San Francisco”

7×7 Magazine

“It makes sense that Todd Selby, the photographer and visionary behind The Selby, a website that chronicles the fabulous dwellings and workplaces of fabulous people worldwide, would turn his lens on Jake Godby and his ice cream parlor, Humphry Slocombe.”

Todd Selby Takes on Humphry Slocombe

SF Weekly

“Former New York Times editor and current columnist Amanda Hesser will celebrate the release of The Essential New York Times Cookbook in San Francisco in just the right way, by hosting an “ultimate potluck cocktail brunch” thrown by SF Food Wars.”

“NYT Cookbook Ultimate Potluck Draws SF Chefs and Mixologists”

Todd Selby

“At their ice cream shop Humphry Alocombe – San Francisco – October 27th 2010”

”The Selby Is In Your Place”

New York Times Magazine

“Godby’s intention when he opened Humphry Slocombe in 2008 was to create a challenging ice cream store. He has succeeded. It is straight-up soda-fountain retro: black-and-white tile floor, chrome-and-red-leather stools, simple Formica bar.”

“I’ll Take a Scoop of Prosciutto, Please”

New York Times

“7. Humphry Slocombe: Ice cream with attitude.”

“11 Companies to Follow on Twitter”

“ ~ Ten of the country’s best ice cream shops – Humphry Slocombe”

“…10 of the country’s best ice cream shops”, 2010

Bon Appetit

“Awesome Ice Cream – written in June”

“Awesome Ice Cream, June 2010”

Bon Appetit, 2010

Food & Wine Magazine

“100 Best New Food & Drink Experiences”

“The 100 Best New Food & Drink Experiences”

Food & Wine Magazine, 2010

7X7 Magazine

“100 Things to Try Before You Die ~ Humphry Slocombe”

“100 Things to Try Before You Die”

7×7 Magazine, 2010

SF Weekly Web Awards

“SF’s Best Restaurant ~ from, Twitter”

“SF’s Best Restaurant Twitter”

SF Weekly Web Awards, 2010

Bizmore Inc.

“7. Humphry Slocombe: Ice cream with attitude.”

“11 Companies to Follow on Twitter”

Bizmore Inc., 2010


“Best Ice Cream in San Francisco ~ Citysearch”

“Best Ice Cream in San Francisco”

Citysearch, 2009

SF Weekly

“Best New Ice Cream Shop ~ SF Weekly”

“Best New Ice Cream Shop”

SF Weekly, 2009


“Favorite places award ~ From, Google”

“Favorite places award”

Google, 2009

SF Guardian

“Best of the Bay ~ by, SF Guardian”

“Best of the Bay”

SF Guardian, 2009

New York Times

“This seems to be Mr. Godby’s moment ~ from, New York Times”

“This seems to be Mr. Godby’s moment”

New York Times, 2009

Bon Appetit Magazine

“Who knew ice cream specialists could be cookie connoisseurs?”

By, “Bon Appetit Magazine”

Bon Appetit Magazine, 2009

Food and Wine Magazine

“Best new ice cream shops ~ by, Food and Wine Magazine”

“Best new ice cream shops”

Food and Wine Magazine, 2009

The Examiner

“This man knows how to infuse supremely rich ice creams and substantial sorbets with big, true flavor. He understands balance and texture”

From “The Examiner”

The Examiner, 2009

Gourmet Magazine

“Gourmet Magazine ~ the latest jewel in the ice-cream-goes-up-scale crown!”

“The latest jewel in the ice-cream-goes-up-scale crown”

Gourmet Magazine, 2009